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Summer Camp At Home, With Us

May 28, 2020

Come have fun with the Infinity School team from your own home this summer!

We have two fantastic Guides to lead the campers through four individual weeks of creativity and fun, whether they are making works of art or bottle rockets.

We are lucky to have Brenda from the Art Gallery of Lambeth to do step-by-step painting with the campers in Week One. She will be engaging in approximately 1.5 hours of interaction per day over a Zoom chat with the campers as they learn how to create beautiful works of art inspired by Monet, Cezanne, and Van Gogh.

For Weeks Two through Four, our Infinity School Head of School, Andrea Loewen Nair, who happens to be a mom of two and also a former junior and senior high school physics, chemistry, science, and math teacher will be leading the camps. She is pulling together her three decades of experience in classrooms, working with children of all ages, and love of experimenting and learning to create a summer of fun for your family.

These activities are for young people ages nine to fourteen to be done at home and at the camper’s pace. In terms of the number of hours for camp each day, the answer is, “that depends.” For Week One, the painters will be with Brenda in the mornings. For Weeks Two through Four, some campers might prefer to engage in the projects only in the morning and some might be going all day, getting into making elaborate contraptions and creating/ editing a video of those!

Zoom calls will be done at 9:30am EST with Brenda in Week One and at 11am EST with Andrea for Weeks Two to Four.

It is important that each child has a quick wifi connection and computer. The campers will be receiving a parcel with materials for the week including a daily plan with links to videos, instructions, ideas, and ways to amplify their experience — like creating a slo-mo video to show everyone!

Week One: July 6 – 19, Painting and Crafting with Brenda.

Painting Day 1 – Impressionists – 8×10 Acrylic painting with instructions for 1.5 hours. Monet’s Waterscape
-Simple drawing skills/colour mixing / impressionistic style painting.

Painting Day 2 – Cezanne – 8×10 Acrylic painting with instructions for 1.5 hours. Cubist Landscape / Easy Cubism Project

Painting Day 3 – Picasso – 8×10 Acrylic painting with instructions for 1.5 hours. ‘Le Coq,’ A Surrealist Rooster with simple drawing skills/colour mixing. Easy Portrait Picasso style – Collage

Painting Day 4 – Van-Gogh – 8×10 Acrylic painting with instructions for 1.5 hours. Starry Night Fork Painting

Painting Day 5 – POP Art – 8×10 Acrylic painting with instructions for 1.5 hours

Step back in time and paint along with Brenda to create cool paintings just like the Impressionistic painters of the past. Fun and creativity abound as we use a fork to paint like Van-Gogh or cardboard to make a Cubist painting like Cezanne.

Material received are: Tabletop Easel, 8×10 canvases, various paint brushes, acrylic paints (RBYWh & Blk), scrap pieces of cardboard or heavy paper, card stock, coloured markers, black marker (sharpie), ruler, strait edge, round templates, pencil, coloured paper or magazines to cut up.

Week Two: July 13 – 17, Rocket Making with Andrea

Over the five day period, the campers will use a rocketry kit to use the power of water pressure to blast a rocket (recycled 2 L bottle) way up into the air. They will receive all materials necessary for this activity. The campers will be encouraged to make slow-motion videos of their rocket tests so devices and software to do that and post that video to YouTube are recommended. We’ll ask the campers to see if it is possible, and if they are able, to measure how high their rocket goes.

Additional activities like geometric design with string art will be provided in addition to the rocketry in case some children are able to assemble it faster than others.

Week Three: July 27-31, Chain Reaction Creating with Andrea

Over this five day period, the campers will be creating a “Rube Goldberg” machine throughout the house! They will be making elaborate and incredible machines like this one or THIS one. Sorry, this activity is going to take up a lot of space in the house (or garage)! They will also be receiving a MARBLE RUN KIT to put together first to give them ideas for the Rube Goldberg machine.

The campers will need to collect items they’d like to have for their machine from around the house and possibly from friends/ neighbours. Some additional materials like: dominoes, marbles, ping pong balls, wooden sticks, plastic cups, and track pieces will be provided.

This activity does involve creating a YouTube video of the machine at the end so a video-making device is also required. Access to software like iMovie is a bonus!

Week Four: Aug 10-14, Catapult & Trebuchet Making with Andrea 

In this last camp at home week, the participants will be making catapults and trebuchets themed after the ones Leonardo da Vinci invented. The campers will be receiving two kits to make those, with the hopes some might like to use those kits as inspiration to make larger scale throwing machines! Plans for large ones will be provided.

Competitions for how far items (included in the parcel) can be thrown and video creation of the throws will be done to add extra fun!


Registration deadline is Sunday, June 7. We need time to order all the supplies and get everything to you!