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Socratic Method, example

A discussion with one of our youngest learners to the best of my recollection:

“Mr Eric, is this direction south?”

“What made you think it is this direction?” I asked.

“Well, I was looking here and thought south is this way because it always faces my back.”

“If you were to move this way and your back was that way, where is south now?” I asked.


“South doesn’t move when I do. If only I had a compass.”

“Do you think we have everything we need to make one inside?”

“I’m not sure. Can we try?” he asked.

“Yes. May I ask why you are looking for south.”

“The birds were flying that way and I was wondering, ‘are they going south for the winter where it’s warm?’”

“If they kept on flying, would it keep on getting warmer?”

“Eventually colder.”

*Describes the equator*

“And then they would come back to us.”