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Rave Reviews for Forensic Science Exhibition

Meet four of our learners that were part of receiving the highest score in @infinityschoolca history! 🏆

Each six weeks, our learners put on an event called an exhibition that brings their learning to life. The participants review them afterwards.

For Forensic Science, they transformed the school into a police station with a crime scene and taught their parents how to analyze the mystery.

Hear some of the rave reviews: 📢

“Clearly a ton of effort went into this event. The back stories, the crime scene and the stations intertwined beautifully to make a fun and immersive event!”

“This was a fantastic experience. I learned a lot in the process & found it very engaging & informative”

“I found this exhibition to be the most well organized one that I have attended.”

Victories mean all the more when they are yours to make. This victory is all theirs.