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Opening Ceremony, 23-24

Let me tell you a secret. Each and everyone of you is a genius with the potential to change the world. You can be a hero for all of us in your own way. This is something our community knows.

Today is a special day. Today marks the first day of a grand adventure. It begins when you cross that fence.

Before we go, I want you to look around at everyone here. What do you see in their eyes? Did you know that even heroes can be afraid of something at the start of a long journey. That feeling nervous and excited at the same time is perfectly normal. And I’m not just speaking to the learners here!

Learners, look around at the adults– us old and wise ones. Did you know if we reach far back enough in time, maybe as far back as the dinosaurs, that we can remember what today feels like for you. We can even feel it through you– a parent superpower.

We will be here when you need our guidance, however, this adventure is yours, and so is this school. Never forget this; remind us if we forget. We give it to you because our own adventures taught us everything we know.

Let’s cross this fence and begin the first chapter of the year.

—Eric, Co-owner