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Family Games Event

It all began with one question in our Middle School: “how do we help bring this community together?”

Having witnessed the power of a game or two on a late Friday, our learners decided to host a games event for parents and their children.

We explored…
📝 the recipe of an effective game
📜 the inherent agreements that make playing possible
🦸‍♀️ how games not only reveal our superpowers but also reveal our challenges
🌎 what aspects of the world we did not realize were games
👷‍♂️ how to harness systems, instead of management, to achieve great things together

Afterwards, we all gathered in their classroom for one of the originals: hide-and-seek! 🫣

The competition was fierce, however, no one was able to defeat one of our eight year olds, no matter which game they played. 🏆

Some exit comments:
😍 I’m buying these games
🤲 This reminded me that games bring people together
👏 I forgot how fun games can be