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Your Child. Our School. An Educational Journey With Unlimited Possibilities.

The future is changing rapidly. Traditional education is not. So we changed it. Welcome to Infinity School (an Acton Academy.)

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Infinity School

a Private School in London Ontario

Learning in schools is going to be different next year.

We are experiencing an unprecedented, chaotic, and unpredictable time. We don’t know what next year will bring: we might have to go home again, we might be able to stay in the building, and we might have a list of requirements on how schools have to operate differently. What we do know is that, just as it happened this year, we won’t miss a single day of school for the entire year and will continue to learn in a comfortable, engaging way wherever we are.

Our Infinity School Eagles and staff moved fairly seamlessly into home-learning in the middle of March. This was because our system was easy to pack up and take home with us! We invite you to look through this website to learn more about the Infinity School difference.

Registration is open for our Summer Camp from Home.

Tours, Registrations, and Try-Days

Unfortunately we are not able to show you around our building and give you the opportunity to meet our incredible team and existing learners. However, you can “e-meet” us by looking through our instagram account @InfinitySchoolCA or our Facebook page.

We are accepting registrations for September for two programs:

  1. Onsite, full-time (children ages 4-6 ONLY). We are so sorry — the rest of our program is full.
  2. Onsite & Home-learning Hybrid for ages 8-13.

The Onsite & Home-learning Hybrid is for families who live near London, ON and want a combination of being able to learn at home with our program and also be anchored in a community. These children will be onsite in our Wortley Village campus one day a week.

The children enrolled in this program need to be able to communicate over Zoom, read emails, and use computer software so the youngest child eligible for this group is age eight. The age range for the program is eight to thirteen, with the high school cohort starting in September of 2021.

The students will form a group together, being able to interact with our full-time Eagles during lunch and free time. Please visit our tuition page to see the fee information for this program..

The process for registering still begins with contacting us through <Register Today>

We are an affiliate of the Acton Academy network

Using the Acton Academy model, our students develop the skills they really need: critical thinking, group collaboration, conflict resolution, decision-making, and problem-solving. These, along with “soft skills” like self-discipline, emotion regulation, self-awareness, and grit, position our children to tackle anything.

This learner-driven environment is for children who process at a different pace, can work independently, and want adults to get out of the way!

HEAR more in this podcast interview that our Head of School, Andrea Loewen Nair did on Allison Graham’s Resiliency Ninja program.

SEE this VICE media Parental Guidance TV show featuring Infinity School (last section of the episode) called, “Learning Curves.”

READ this article in London Inc Magazine about the school!

About Infinity School

Core skills are developed by each student using self-directed, self-paced methods, and technology where appropriate. We allow students to learn on their own by providing a safe space to try, make mistakes, and by using Socratic teaching methods where we ask more questions than we answer. The learning is organized into projects and quests to demonstrate real-world experiences and provide context and meaning to their subject material. We continually inspire and motivate our students through examples of dedication, character, determination, hard work, and the success (in whatever form) that will bring.