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Your Child. Their School.

Innovative Montessori & Acton Academy in beautiful Wortley Village.

Infinity School

A Private School in London Ontario.

Their School!?

What does that mean and why does it matter?



When the learners are the decision makers of a school, their learning is authentic.

  • Experience is their greatest teacher.
  • Growth happens when navigating real challenges that mean something.
  • Independence develops from confidence when mistakes are experiments to learn from.
  • The adults here prepare a safe space and adventure full of challenges.
  • They help our learners find the moments that will change them.

Get Inspired

Take a Look

A day in the life at an Acton Academy.

Disruptive Education

Independent Acton Academy documentary.

Learning Curves

Infinity School featured in Parental Guidance.

Courage to Grow


Click the cover to contact us to borrow Acton Academy’s Origin Story.


In the same spirit of a one-room school house, Infinity School is organized into mixed-aged communities, a family co-workspace, and learner-shared project room.

  • Ignite

    Kindergarten Studio
    (Grades JK- 1)

  • Discover

    Elementary Studio
    (Grades 2-5)

  • Explore

    Middle School Studio
    (Grades 6-8)

  • Ascend

    High School Studio
    Coming Soon